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Rock-Climbing for Beginners Course starts in June

Our Beginner Outdoor Rock Climbing Course (MGA 204) is the perfect way to experience climbing on real rock for those with little or no prior experience. This course is therefore just as suitable for complete beginners who have never climbed before as it is for those who have previously climbed indoors and are looking to refresh their skills or get a taste of climbing on real rock.

Course Outcomes.

  • Understand what equipment is necessary and how to use it correctly
  • Develop and practice climbing movement skills on real rock
  • Safely fit a harness and tie into a rope
  • Belay and lower effectively and safely
  • Experience abseiling
  • Understand climbing guide books and grading systems
  • Gain knowledge of the vast range of climbing opportunities in Ghana

Practical Sessions.

Your instructor will demonstrate and explain the basics of the safety system and give you a chance to practice tying in and belaying each other. You will then be shown and coached on different key climbing techniques as you scale a number of routes throughout the day whilst gaining confidence and experience with the rope systems. From the fundamentals of movement and balance, to the more technical aspects of anchors and abseiling, this course covers all the basics for you to be enthused about rock climbing and start experiencing climbing outdoors on your own.

“Earlier, I thought rock-climbing was for hard-wired enthusiasts. But what I found at the end of my course was that it was more about dancing than it was about climbing – dancing up a rock.” D. S. Kwaku

Dates, Costs & Assessments

The MGA 204 Introduction to Rock-climbing Course runs from Tuesday, June 28 to Wednesday, June 292022 and costs 1,000-GHS. The Assessment cost is separate to that of the Training Course. The assessment consists of a written exam and a practical field assessment after candidates have recorded a total of 12 rock-climbing lowland leading adventures in their log book in at least 3 different locations and woodlands.

Participant Requirements

The course is open to any reasonably healthy and physically capable person over the age of 18. Courses for younger participants can be arranged on request. Previous mountaineering experience is not required, but would be helpful. Participants must have an English speaking capability of SSCE Level. A minimum of four students is required for the course to run, and the maximum allowable number of students per course is 12. There is a maximum of 1 Instructor : 12 students for the practical assessment.


The OAG will provide all group and specialist equipment for this course, but students are encouraged to have and bring their own equipment where available. Students are required to have their own suitable outdoor clothing and footwear, and need to pack with the list below as a guide. Meals, water and tent-camping equipment are included in the fee. Return transport to the training location is each participant’s responsibility:

  • A 40-litre backpack
  • A 10-litre day pack
  • 1 good outdoor tent
  • A pair of good hiking boots
  • Outdoor walking sandals
  • A cap or hat
  • 3 water bottles
  • 3 sets of outdoor clothing
  • 1 sleeping bag or thick blanket
  • 1 sleeping mat
  • Wash kit – small towel, sponge and soap
  • 1 bowl for meals
  • A can of insect repellent
  • A box of matchsticks
  • Rain coat
  • 1 machete
  • Hiking poles
  • A compass
How to Apply

Fill out the Rock-Climbing for Beginners Course Application. It has all the information you need to provide to be a candidate for the Course.