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Lowland Leading Training Course is in February

The Lowland Leader qualification (MG201) is a Mountaineering Explorer rank course developed and administered by the Safety, Training & Instruction Commission (STIC) of the Outdoors Association of Ghana (OAG). The qualification is designed to train and assess those who wish to lead groups on day and overnight walks in grassland, savanna woodland and forested terrain in normal Ghanaian weather conditions. This qualification complements and supports the Mountaineering and Abseil Adventure Guiding qualifications administered by the OAG. The module also covers remote supervision and teaching navigation.

Course Essentials

MG201 trains and assesses candidates in the skills required to lead others on walks in lowland, countryside and woodland that fit ALL of the following criteria:
• The course does not cross hazardous terrain (e.g. cliffs, very steep slopes, deep water hazards, etc.).
• Throughout the course the group is never generally more than 3km away from a key access point such as a road, lay-by or populated area. Any potential escape routes are within the scope of the defined terrain for the Lowland Leader rank.
• The course requires the ability to plan routes, use simple navigation skills using a map and compass and self-sufficiency.
• The course follows paths or tracks that are both marked on a map and clearly visible on the ground and that do not require navigation across untracked areas.
• The course takes place in dry weather conditions (i.e. when there is no rain or storms on any part of the route).

A combination of technical competence, leadership skills and a wide range of experience form the basis of effective group management. The course addresses all these elements. However, the employer or operating authority must ultimately decide whether a leader possesses the personal attributes needed to take responsibility for any particular group of people.

Dates, Costs & Assessments

The MGA 201 course runs from Tuesday, February 1 to Thursday February 32022 and costs 600-GHS. The Assessment cost is separate to that of the Training Course. The assessment consists of a written exam and a practical field assessment after candidates have recorded a total of 50 lowland leading adventures in their log book in at least 3 different locations and woodlands.

“There is a world of conversation when one hikes in the Ghanaian outdoors. A rich conversation involving thousands of insect and bird songs.” Edmund Teye

Participant Requirements

The course is open to any reasonably healthy and physically capable person over the age of 18. Courses for younger participants can be arranged on request. Previous mountaineering experience is not required, but would be helpful. Participants must have an English speaking capability of SSCE Level. A minimum of four students is required for the course to run, and the maximum allowable number of students per course is 12. There is a maximum of 1 Instructor : 12 students for the practical assessment.


The OAG will provide all group and specialist equipment for this course, but students are encouraged to have and bring their own equipment where available. Students are required to have their own suitable outdoor clothing and footwear, and need to pack with the list below as a guide. Meals, water and tent-camping equipment are included in the fee. Return transport to the training location is each participant’s responsibility:

  • A 40-litre backpack
  • A 10-litre day pack
  • 1 good outdoor tent
  • A pair of good hiking boots
  • Outdoor walking sandals
  • A cap or hat
  • 3 water bottles
  • 3 sets of outdoor clothing
  • 1 sleeping bag or thick blanket
  • 1 sleeping mat
  • Wash kit – small towel, sponge and soap
  • 1 bowl for meals
  • A can of insect repellent
  • A box of matchsticks
  • Rain coat
  • 1 machete
  • Hiking poles
  • A compass
How to Apply

Fill out the Lowland Leading Course Application. It has all the information you need to provide to be a candidate for the Course.