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Outdoors Association of GhanaOutdoors Association of GhanaOutdoors Association of Ghana
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Outdoors Association of GhanaOutdoors Association of GhanaOutdoors Association of Ghana

Explore more than others
think is possible.
Push the boundaries of your mental and physical endurance.
The time to get out there is now. Dream more than others
think is practical.
Discover more of Ghana's
amazing Outdoors.
Visit places only the bravest have been to.

We’re the professional association of outdoor adventure operatives in Ghana

We govern outdoor adventure operations throughout Ghana by licensing trained guides in mountaineering, kayaking, terrain biking, ropes course operations, and other outdoor adventure disciplines.

Strategic Vision

To bring together in a common forum all individual and corporate outdoor adventure operatives committed to complying with OAG statutes and regulations

Safety Standards

Specify safety standards for outdoor adventure equipment and techniques, and Research into and distribute information on wilderness medicine

Environmental Ethics

Promote responsible access and conservation of outdoor adventure locations and promote awareness of, and respect for, the environment among all users of outdoor adventure terrain.

Jobs & Prosperity

Promote and develop outdoor adventure as activities with specific, high human, economic and social values

We offer world-class adventure curriculum unequalled in Ghana

Our experts bring 20+ years of Adventure leadership to training and licensing Adventure Guides ready to push the frontiers of Outdoor business in Ghana

Abseil Guiding

This Mountaineering Adventure Qualification Course enables you to guide others abseil over the edge of Ghana's bridges, cliffs, outcrops and waterfalls.

Rock Climbing

Our Rock Climbing Mountaineering Course prepares you to push yourself and others beyond physical and mental boundaries.

Challenge Course Guiding

The Challenge Course business is catching on in Ghana. Here is your chance to stand ready to lead Adventurers on the ropes with our Challenge…


Whether in flat or white water, get ready to lead out in all levels of kayaking instruction and leadership.

Mountain Leading

The Mountain Leading Course integrates experience, training and assessment in challenging and testing conditions in the mountainous and hilly areas of Ghana.

Terrain Biking

The terrain for outdoor biking in Ghana varies, and these courses prepare you for biking leadership in wide open and rugged spaces.


The sky no longer remains the limit with our introductory courses to paragliding and the potential to travel for professional flights instruction.

Advanced Mountain Leading

Be prepared to take on cross-country mountaineering and all of Africa's highest peaks on this course that is designed for Frontier Guides seeking Master Guide…

We draw on our global network of experts to assemble techniques and best practices in the outdoor business.

We have been working since 1999 to create adventure teaching models specific to Ghana’s unparalleled outdoor terrain. We have tested our methods in this country’s extreme outdoor environments and we know that they work.


Theory Ratio

We believe the best way to learn outdoor adventure skills is to practice, practice and practice.

Licensed Professionals

Almost all our trainees move on to work as professional outdoor adventure Guides within 6 months of training

Our licenses guarantee professional training and competence

OAG Officers are Ghana's leading Adventure business executives

They bring a vast wealth of experience from years of running international standard expeditions in global quarters, and successfully building outdoor adventure business portfolios in Ghana. 

Our records speak for themselves

We are the sole professional outdoor adventure body in West to Central Africa and the undisputed leader in outdoor adventure risk assessment.

3 +
Corporate Members
10 +
Individual Licensees
500 +
Expedition Adventures
75 +
Completed Trainings

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Training Schedules and Licensing Examinations

In addition to these schedules, check out our social media pages for adventure-specific and location-specific assessments.